The End

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Posted by Granite Head ( on 18:44:16 07/13/13

In Reply to: My photos have their limitations posted by Granite Head

This little guy was alive and well, he had just hit the wall, and had absolutely no idea what to do about it.

However, this presented a very complicated situation for 20 or so people who were watching this spectacle. By this time the badger had retreated into his hole. There was no sign of Mother Squirrel. From more than 10 feet away, these teensy babies were invisible, almost the same size and color as the gravel on Slough Creek Road. If we dispersed and left them in the road, the next car to come along would like do them in. However, we've all been taught it's not nice to intervene in Mother Nature, so we all stood around stupidly, it didn't even cross my mind to try to help the little boogers. I wouldn't have had a clue what to do for them anyway. Finally some guy picked them up in a paper towel and set them onto the grassy sage at the side of the road. I guess he was a late-comer, or otherwise not savvy about the food chain in Yellowstone, because he placed them not 5 feet from the badger's door. Well, at least he tried.

Now that they were out of the road, the baby squirrel jam (the first one of its kind I've ever been in!) broke up and people went on their way.

There's little doubt what happened next, probably a soon as we were all gone.

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