"Fog of war"

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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 11:37:36 08/17/13

In Reply to: This continues to evolve and stay interesting posted by Kent

Isn't that what military commanders and the White House Press Secretary are always referring to when we have a story where the initial press release is significantly different than the facts?

From what I can see, Associated Press carried the initial NPS press release. The Billings Gazette (historically, the most reliable press source for Yellowstone info) simply went with the AP report. The Bozeman Chronicle did not use the AP newswire, but it appears they also relied on the NPS press release.

Hopefully, SY or one of our other "insiders" will let us know if any additional info gets published. I am thinking that there should be some sort of after action report published down the road. It's just a matter of whether it will be available to the public.

If only we had a camera-equipped drone providing surveillance....................Oh wait, it might collide with whatever secret ones are already out there!

On a more serious note, and primarily for anyone who has not been tracking the stories of mother grizzlies "mauling" people over the years, I will render this opinion. Almost always, attacks by female grizzlies with cubs result in relatively minor injuries. When people immediately hit the ground and play dead, it is almost always a cuff or two to the back or buttocks, occasionally a bite. I suspect injuries to the hands more often than not result from the human victim trying to fend off the attack. We know from solid statistical research, done by professionals, that when humans actively try to defend themselves, the injuries tend to be more severe. We also know that if humans play dead, but start moving around before the bears leave the area, the second attack is always worse than the initial aggression. (Steve and Marilyn French are the source for that info.) At the risk of being anthropomorphic, I will say that it appears the mothers are simply trying to mute a perceived threat to their cubs. If you appear to fight back, or start moving after they have "dealt" with you, you escalate the appearance of threat; and mom decides to teach you a lesson. Given a choice, I would always opt for dealing with a mom with cubs over a confrontation with a big male guarding a carcass.

Thanks SY for your way important contribution to the discussion.


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