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Posted by Paul ( on 06:06:09 04/24/14

The storm of Tuesday evening brought in a fall-out of significant proportions. Juncos are flashing their white tail signs all along most roads from Mammoth to Pebble Creek. Robin numbers have increased significantly and the first tree swallows were seen at the Lamar Canyon. Bluebirds are posting on many sage bushes and, as usual, bison dung piles. Ducks are virtually everywhere and as last year almost all mallards. A few green wing teals are sporting their green side bar. Two baby bison are evident in Lamar and a bison with afterbirth passed us at Phantom news on the fate of the calf if it was a still birth or a quick kill by a bear. Woodpeckers, sapsucker, flickers still not evident. Drumming hasn't begun in the usual spots.

A spotted towhe appeared at one of my blinds. That was a first for this Florida boy. Also multiple forms of Juncos...even the text books don't all agree as to the division names but in general they are pink sided, gray headed, back headed. Right now, ater a 9 day wait I'll concentrate on captuing the pictures and worry about idents later.

The moose (noted below) are a daily fixture at Phantom Lake, you pays your fee and get in line. They are still lean, shaggy and if you know Phatmom Lake tough to find a pull out and a comfortable or profitable shoot spot. The three bull elk are now in position by Lava Creek meadow and a kestrel stands watch at the large tree just north of the meadow.

Lamar Valley is filling with pronghorn. Rumor has it that a local bar gives free drinks to anyone that can show proof of a coyote. They just aren't. Wolves are 3-5 kilometers north of Hell Roaring. You can always tell the distance by the angle of all the scopes. The radio channel is a bit boring....nothing here, how 'bout you?" "Nope nothing here either."

Jardine Hill is filled with Buffalo (minus one), antelope, some very cordial deer and a herd of sheep. Look elsewhere for that story.

The confluence has three pair of golden eye and the water is not moving all that fast. Floating island is now slush ice with one lonely golden eye.

Bears? Well, they are still negotiating their contracts.

Swan Lake Flats requires an ice breaker. The snow accumulation is great and melting slowly. That area should be pools of water by May.

Some great icicles at Canyon. Several are quite long and pretty. Several boys were playing "Robin Hood" and dueling with them. For certain if anyone gets stuck the evidence will melt before the police get there.

Clearing sky this Thursday AM and the snow of yesterday is gone below the Mammoth Hill.

My Nikon is stamping feet in the stall, anxious to get to the hunt.


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