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Posted by Paul ( on 05:29:36 04/25/14

Construction on the road between Mammoth and Noris makes travel difficult---especially if it is raining, snowing, and 21 degrees. The sign says 30 minutes delays but doesn't say there are 2 such delays. Don't be in a hurry if you take this road. As momma says, "go to the bathroom before you leave."

Geese are nesting in China Garden and one very clever one has a nest by the last switch back before the straightaway to the Garden. A cliff in back of her, a sheer drop to the Gardner river in front she is well concealed, protected....but I woul love to see how she gets the babies out of there come May.

Snow was the order of the day Thursday. Started early finished at 3:00 PM. Bird count is increasing. The moose matinee is a popular attraction at Phantom Lake.

More pizza parlors opened now in Gardiner. Rosie has shrunk in size and settled at the end of the block. Blue Goose in immutably the same. Transport buses roll in now daily with the summer workers and the Mammoth campground is about 25% filled.

Bany bison count is now 5 from what we could see through the snow. Lamar still is owned by pronghorn and the bison seem in no hurry to get there.

Bears and wolves not present to us within 5 miles of the road between Mammoth and Hitching post.

Lamar River, Yellowstone and Gardiner River are quickening the pace but the main melt is not yet arrived as temperatures at the higher elevations are still low.

And my picture of the elusive spotted towhee still eludes me as that cheeky little Pipilo uses all available cover coming and going to the blind area.

Today. Today is the day! I think.....

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