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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 08:14:14 06/20/14

In Reply to: I no longer post trip reports because.... posted by Christi


It is EXTREMELY unfortunate that someone distorted reality to you. Actually, the reverse is the truth! This page was incredibly busier in the days before we could post photos. There are a number of reasons for that, but there is one in particular that I want to address.

There are still Loons that do not have broadband internet access. Those individuals have drifted away from both of John's sites, because they can't wait forever for photos to download, PARTICULARLY when the poster does not size the photo appropriately.

Speaking for myself, although I have way fast web access, the photos are the last reason I visit these pages. I have been visiting Yellowstone since the 1960s. I lived right next to it, and nearby for a decade and a half, and I will again. There are not many Loons who are going to show me a photo of something I have not seen before. On the flip side, I am always interested in hearing park visitor's, particularly Loon's, experiences, observations, and even complaints. I welcome dialog about park issues, providing it doesn't turn into ad hominems. Trip reports that are rich with text are incredibly valuable to others that are planning trips.

I will close by restating my belief that whoever told you the photos are the primary driver of these sites is deluded. I have been privy to countless discussions over the years, participated in by numerous Loons, particularly the local variety, because we hiked and skied so many hours together. The topic of photos versus text surfaced periodically. NEVER did ANYONE state a preference for photos. In fact, many people said they deliberately avoided the posts of those who are chronic photo posters!

Remember, for every Loon that posts, there are ten, or maybe even fifty Lurkers, who are going to read a post, but not comment. Lurkers don't come here for Yellowstone photos. They come here for humor, information, stories, and thoughtful discussion.

I would encourage you and all others to feel free to post trip reports.


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