Trip Report: Days 1 and 2

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Posted by Rick ( on 17:17:46 07/08/14

Um, just to get this out of the way up front: this trip report will include picture. LOTS of pictures. Some of these pictures will be strictly scenic, while others will include those of us on the trip. (Well, not me so much, as I was taking the pictures for the most part.) If this bothers you, then do us both a favor and instead of being a @$&# about it, just don't read it. Thanks in advance.....

June 13 and 14, 2014

Not a lot to say about the first couple of days on the drive out. Out the door about 4:45, and then the Eagles, Dan Fogelberg, the Moody Blues, Bob Seger, and Meatloaf (with assorted others) guided us across 30 miles of western Ohio, all of Indiana, up through northwest Illinois, and then across Iowa and north along the western border a bit to a small town called Onawa (helpful hint # 1: "Onawa, Iowa" is fun to say.) Not a lot to the town that we could see, but it had a motel with a nearby Dairy Queen and a Subway, so it met with our approval.

Oh, the cast of characters. In the car so far were yours truly, my daughters Autumn and Madeline (15, for those keeping count), and our friend/former student/science club helper/back-up auxiliary daughter Lissa (16). My mother (a few days from 74 at that point, but who's keeping score?) would be joining us later--we were supposed to pick her up at the Billings airport around noon on the 15th. Her back is less than thrilled these days to do 25-hour drives, and I was able to convince her that she could spend a bit of money on an airline ticket. More on THAT plan shortly.....

Up early again on the 14th, north a couple hours to Sioux Falls, then the long slog across South Dakota. A late lunch in Rapid City, then continued west into Wyoming, where we stopped for the night in Gillette.

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