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Posted by Granite Head ( on 11:50:17 11/23/14

As I think everybody knows now, Kevin and I have relocated from Chicago to our new house in Bozeman - picking it all up (including Teddy the Cat, not known for his enjoyment of long car rides) and moving it 1,450 miles is a big job, and getting settled into a new house is probably even a bigger job, but the several weeks of tedium of unpacking and getting organized (for example, just a few days ago the house was finally internet-enabled, and we are just now getting down to ordering window coverings) was at last rewarded with a quick trip to the Park. Beej came along and pointed out lots of things I'd not noticed or known about before. She's great company!

This is also the first time I've been in the park during shoulder season, and it is truly wonderful. That business of having to sail past something interesting to find a suitable pull-out (Tonya, cover your eyes) is moot, since there's so little traffic, scooting well over to the shoulder and putting on blinkers is not going to immediately cause a law enforcement ranger to show up (I don't know how they know, but they do, during periods when the park is officially open).

Being able to pull over safely along that stretch between Wraith Falls and the Blacktail trail head allowed us to get a good look at, and pictures of, clear evidence of who had gone not long before us.

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