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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 11:58:30 06/16/15

In Reply to: thats a good idea! posted by Skeets

might be some bright, colored, streaming ribbons tied to a tree or two right by the road. Of course, someone would have to commit to returning to the site later in the day to remove them.

Another option is a fairly detailed description of where the trailhead is, for both north-bounders and south-bounders. I would describe the north-bound approach starting at Roaring Mountain, going downhill to the near 90 degree curve to the left in the Brickyard area, curving back to the right, and proceeding past the Grizzly Lake traihead on the left, then the near 90 degree curve to the right, followed by the sweeping curve back to the left (back to a northerly direction). At this point, one would be nearing the trailhead. In the pre-construction days, I seem to remember it being just over a slight rise after a passing zone, going off to the right at a 30 or 35 degree angle.

For southbounders, I would start the description at Obsidian Cliff, describing the entrance to the Beaver Lake Picnic Area coming up on the right maybe .25 to .5 miles further south, then reaching the trailhead on the left maybe .25 to .5 miles south of the picnic area.

Admittedly, these descriptions are not exact, and it is incredibly easy to miss the trailhead entrance if you are southbound.

I agree with Auwingwalker that using balloons risks cluttering up the backcountry with errant escapees.

A sure fire way to tip everyone off to the location would be a bright warning marker, like the ones used to get motorists to slow down in residential areas, but it would be subject to being stolen.

Perhaps the easiest and least management-intensive approach would simply be to coerce those apprehensive about finding the trailhead to car pool with some coc-ky participant who is confident that they can find the trailhead without assistance.


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