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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 13:15:14 03/06/17

In Reply to: Yellowstone Trip posted by Melissa

Hi Melissa,

There is so much to do in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). Some folks will dedicate a week or two to just one or two activities, like canoeing, fishing, or mountain climbing. Other people will plan something more like a "box of chocolates", sampling across a broad palette of options. Just to simply "see" all the major sights in Yellowstone alone takes 2-3 days. That does not include the Tetons. Here are some questions that would assist others in providing suggestions:

1.) Where is your lodging, and what are the specific dates?

2.) Have you as a family discussed which of the activities and sights your would prioritize? (Some hard core birdwatchers or wildlife watchers will contract with a tour outfit for anywhere from 1-3 days just for that activity. A day of rafting the Snake River or the Yellowstone River can pretty much take up an entire day.)

3.) Do any family members already have embedded strong interests, like birding, fishing, geology, hiking, history, horseback riding, photography, rafting, wildlife watching?

Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks lend themselves to exploration without benefit of a guide. Having said that, I can elaborate on the types of situations where I would recommend using a tour company or the services of a professional guide. First, if someone wants immersion in a particular aspect of the GYE. I know fishing guides that can escort fishing fanatics to just the right places, and recommend just the right tackle. There are guides/tours that are useful for anyone wanting an in depth experience regarding geology, history, and wildlife watching. These options tend to be pricey, so they appeal primarily to those with the benefit of a fat wallet or those trying to maximize the yield from a short period of time.

There are ranger/naturalist led programs that are free, and are a good middle ground between self-driven exploration and the services of a contract guide. While some of the high end restaurants require reservations for dinner, there are other options, like cafeterias, that offer more flexibility. I have witnessed real pain on the roadside, when visitors observing a grizzly bear or wolves up close have to leave because they have dinner reservations at 7:00 p.m. at the Lake Hotel!

Come back with answers to the questions above, and we can do a much better job of assisting you in your quest.


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