Great day of "wolfage" ...

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Posted by Trent ( on 14:54:44 07/16/17

In Reply to: Three grizzlies = posted by Granite Head

Well thanks to all who responded ... I followed the advice and shot for both the Jasper Bench area as well as Hayden Valley, and it paid off ! After the grizzly sightings late last night (Sat) and the beautiful fox that darted across our path before the rains started, we got up early Sun morning to catch the sunrise over what we thought was the Jasper Bench area in Lamar. No action, but we noticed cars starting to pile in as we looked down the road in what we were told later was the Amythest Bench section, so we followed suit and several helpful people helped point out on scope a grizzly eating a bison carcass, to which the black alpha male from the Butte pack soon showed up to ! So yay, our first wolf of the trip ! He was limping badly as well.

After that we headed to Hayden to find Ranger Rick (whom we ran into a couple of times) beginning to look for the Wapiti pack, and eventually other watchers spotted the pups, and over an hour and a half or so we watched three pups, a beta female, alpha female and one of her boyfriends all live their lives in front of us ! The alpha female even crossed the road and then the river to get to the pups, but her "boyfriend" chose not to, probably due to the thoughtless couple of tourists who decided to go down along his route and block it. But he howled for quite awhile trying to decide about crossing the road. So all in all ... today, 7 wolves in tota ! Thank you everyone !

And on our way out of the park, a bear jam towards the East Entrance revealed what appeared to be a grizzly and cub. A random spotter claimed it was a 2.5 yo cub, so we took his word for it. Also got to see a gorgeous bull elk by one of the Lake Village ranger areas before heading out.

So an amazing night and day ! One thing I actually found extremely interesting was a small salamander-type creature in a pull out near Conflience that I ran across while there was still light out lol ... I'll post a pic of that later once I get a chance and also have identified it :)

Thanks again to all, it was a great outing ! I'll try and post any interesting pics once I have access to my laptop again in a few days (like the salamander, if nothing else lol).

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