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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 04:23:23 08/18/17

In Reply to: just a couple of thoughts posted by michael in tucson


I thought about the problem with the lack of trees, but had not considered the potential for wolf watchers in some areas to monopolize the parking spots.

On the lack of trees, I thought about what states in the western U.S. do in some areas to cope with the lack of trees along highways when they build rest areas. I've seen some pretty creative structures constructed that provide shade, including some ramadas (a term I learned via these structures). There is also the alternative of creating a picnic area or two south of the Tower Store, particularly in the more level terrain as you near where the Chittenden Road from the campground intersects the pavement. There is that large dirt parking lot that some folks have used for ad hoc picnicking over the years. I know that lot was part of some sort of visitor use a long time ago, but I can't remember exactly what it was. I just remember seeing it change about 30 years ago. There is also the possibility of creating a picnic area off the Mammoth-Norris road, although I'm not sure exactly where. I was thinking about an adjunct to the Hellroaring trailhead, but that would only re-create the same problem that already exists at the Yellowstone River Picnic Area, and put more traffic onto that dangerous intersection, where eastbound traffic making a left has to deal with sudden high speed westbound traffic coming around that curve below Floating Island Lake.

The potential wolfwatcher competition for parking spots is a more gnarly issue. After reading your thoughtful post, I was thinking "just put the picnic area somewhere that does not see a lot of wolf activity", but the more I think about it, I've seen wolves at one time or another virtually everywhere in the valleys (Lamar, Little America, and Soda Butte Creek). Then, there is the reality that other species, like bison, elk, and moose show up in random areas.

As long as we are discussing complicated landscape architect conundrums in the northeast portion of Yellowstone, does anyone have recent intel on the fate of the Tower Store? I remember there being a fairly advanced plan years ago to move it down to the northeast corner of Tower Junction, but it got "bogged" down (pun intended) due to wetland issues on that spot, and eventually, the renegotiation of the Delaware North contract came rushing up before a final resolution could be determined (to my second and third hand knowledge). My personal information pipeline on that project left Yellowstone for another NPS location long ago, and is now retired. With my 5 year hiatus in Alaska, I am way out of the loop on this question.


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