I have no firsthand info

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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 06:29:37 02/26/18

In Reply to: Last year's bison hunt resulted in a lot of gut piles... posted by Beej


My only info is from what I have read in the Chronicle. One recent article talked about the addition of a new tribe to the mix of Native American hunters this year. I think it was the Blackfeet. I know that non-Natives have access to hunting Yellowstone bison, but there are some provision on the hunt that insure tribal hunters get some priority initially out of respect for treaty rights. I got the impression from news reports a few weeks ago that in the early stages of the hunt, there were a lot more hunters than quarry, which is why the NPS and Montana DOL deliberately allowed several bison herds to exit the park and meander north, past the capture facility, toward Beatty Gulch and beyond, in hopes that the hunters would have access to them.

Regarding a potential migration over Sylvan Pass, I have no clue. I do know that when we hiked the Grizzly Peak/Topnotch area in September, we did not see any sign of bison up there or on the flanks of the adjacent peaks or in the valley bottoms. In related news, the State of Montana announced a program a week or two ago to do brucellosis research on elk in southwest Montana, west of Yellowstone. That bespeaks recognition at the state level that the elk are significant contributors to the brucellosis threat to livestock. Afterall, the research shows that every recent (last 10 years or so) instance of brucellosis transmission to livestock in the GYE has been from elk. The State of Wyoming appears to have finally recognized that fact, and the pressure to eliminate, or at least, shrink game farms in northwest Wyoming continues to mount.


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