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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 14:52:56 08/15/20

In Reply to: A Blast from the Past posted by Mike the Weatherman

Just kidding.

Good to see you back.

One improvement you might notice is the creativity applied to bestowing colloquial names on landscape features. The best example I can think of is the "Marge Simpson Tree" in Slough Creek, where the Junction Butte pack's rendezvous site is rumored to be. I tend to leave the north end wolf viewing to the masses in summer, preferring to be at higher (cooler) elevation on the Upper East Side. We still have the Wapiti pack and the Mollie's to entertain us. The Wapiti's have been a bit schizophrenic, thanks to a couple boneheads that invaded their rendezvous site on horseback a few weeks ago. They have been pin balling back and forth across Hayden Valley, first reverting to their old rendezvous site east of the river, just south of Sour Creek, but bouncing around elsewhere recently.

The bison rut has been the best show in town most recently, as evidenced by the video that made the national news, showing one bull leveraging another into the air in what could only be described as "buffalo judo", using the opponent's weight and momentum against him. (It's on the park's Facebook page, posted 3 days ago.)

If you are still interested in exploring the backcountry, take a look at what we are doing these days. We have a Meetup, and it doesn't cost a penny to join.

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