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Posted by JohnD ( on 10:11:29 07/14/14

Just got back yesterday from a little over a week in the park.
We arrived on the 4th and had reservations in Mammoth.
West side of the park was a zoo like I'd never seen before. Park
of that was the holiday weekend and the rest was likely due to the
fact that this was the first real visit with kids and we did a lot
of touristy stuff. Lost my fishing vest/backpack the first night
in the park and didn't get it back for 4 stressful days.
Went into town that night to see the fireworks. Kids enjoyed the
show. I was impressed with what you could buy/launch locally.
Can't get that kind of ordinance in California.
Had a badger sighting right across the river from the campground.
Only second one I've seen in the park.
Missed seeing Tonya in Mammoth but did run into Jake just standing
by the road on the Firehold Lake drive. Hung out a bit during the
Kids got to see most of the charismatic megafauna in the park
including scarface and wolf 712. Had two partial moose sightings
but can't confirm they had legs. Dinner ride out of Roosevelt was
One of the more entertaining events was driving up on a bear jam in
Hayden and while all the people were focused on the bear on the
west side they didn't notice the entire herd of bison stampeding in
from the east until they were nearly on top of them. I've seen
lots of bison, but never been in the middle of 200-300 of them
running at full speed. We were one car back of the crossing. Good
thing as the lead car got kicked by a feisty male.
Had a nice 10 minute eruption with Vixen. Saw a good show at
Grand. Lion was roaring often.
Everyone had a good time. Sure we will be back more often.

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