Most excellent!

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Posted by Ballpark Frank ( on 13:35:40 03/15/17

In Reply to: Wildflowers in Yellowstone posted by MO Pat E


You did a great job on this compilation. When you put as much time into a project as you must have, the least we can do is to invest the 15 minutes checking it out. Unlike some 15 minute presentations, I did not find this the least bit tedious.

For someone who used to live on Yellowstone's doorstep, but is on a long sabbatical away from there, I really appreciated seeing all my little flower "buddies" again.

It got me thinking about all sorts of potential add-ons you could throw into the mix, if you had the time and desire, like little snippets of interesting facts about different species, like which ones are edible, which ones were used by Native people, and for what purposes. It if were really comprehensive, it would have a clear monetary value, and I predict, would be snapped up by folks like myself, were it an app that I could readily pull up in the field on my smartphone to I/D flowers. I can't tell you how many times I will be standing in front of a flower, even here in Alaska, where many of Yellowstone's flowers also reside, knowing I am familiar with it, but I can't recall the name in the moment.

Were you to ever decide to try and fill in any gaps, I would suggest two primary areas. One would be the high altitude tundra flowers, like moss campion. Those are most plentiful up above treeline, and that can be a tough place to get to. The easiest places would be Mt. Washburn and the Beartooth Hwy. The other segment would be the early spring flowers, like spring beauties and clematis. Those pretty much require being up in the north end of the park in May, and possibly, early June in cold/wet years. The one other flower I don't recall seeing in the video, but I might have simply missed it, is forget-me-not. If I remember correctly, Yellowstone has both the regular variety and the alpine version. (I'm a big fan of those tiny, but oh so pretty blooms!)

Thanks for all the work you put into this. I'm sure it was a labor of love. I am curious as to whether you are "burnt out" on the process, or whether you have any appetite for growing what you started in one direction or another. It's classic Yellowstone! So many projects, so little time.

Excellent production!


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