Batteries, Grand Prismatic, and ice ice ice

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Posted by Granite Head ( on 14:43:37 01/06/20

In Reply to: ICEtrekkers posted by FLScott

Hi FLScott -
Batteries - I have two Nikon bodies, each with a zoom that the batteries also support, and I haven't had a problem since my 2nd generation digital gear (now on the 4th or 5th gen). With 3-4 year old camera equipment I can easily make it through a cold day in Yellowstone (though of course some days are a lot colder, and some you do a lot more shooting, than others). Having said that, like you I always take fully charged extras with me. I keep them in a belly pack so they're always on me and not back in the coach when I need them! and have had no problem with them draining. Some people do keep them in an inner pocket where they stay a little warmer.

Stops - Drivers have a schedule to keep but they also know that most of their passengers will want to stop at the favorite beauty spots and any time interesting wildlife shows itself. They're all pretty flexible unless they're short on time.

Grand Prismatic - Midway Geyser Basin is accessible in winter from the boardwalks, the overlook that was recently constructed on the hill to the south is snowed in and probably not accessible (though maybe if you ski or snow shoe back that way you could get up the hill for the overlook view, that's a question for Ballpark). Frequently conditions are super steamy there in the winter, though, between Excelsior and Grand P, two hot features with very large surface areas. But it's a short walk from parking, so why not ask the driver to stop so you can check it out? Almost all the coaches automatically stop at Lower Geyser Basin, which is beautiful in winter, for sure.

IceTrekkers - require a little muscle to get on, because the rubber parts have to be tight enough to keep them on your boots. Once you get the toe aligned right, it's not that hard to pull them back and up onto the heel. All my winter boots are oversized, if it's the same for you, keep that in mind when you pick a Trekker size. Do you have an REI near you? They might not carry them in your store, but you can order them from their catalog, no shipping charge to the store. If it's not obvious what size you need, order two sizes and try them on over your winter boots in the store. Free returns from the store too. I think they're priced the same just about everywhere.

Hope all this helps!

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