Yellowstone Up Close & Personal

Yellowstone Up Close & Personal

Yellowstone National Park Entrance Page

There are Five (5) Entrances to Yellowstone National Park:

Bullet East Entrance

Bullet North Entrance

Bullet Northeast Entrance

Bullet South Entrance

Bullet West Entrance

The North Entrance of Yellowstone National Park located at Gardiner, Montana is the Only Entrance that is Open Year Round. From the North Entrance you can travel north on US 89 to Livingston, Montana or south into Yellowstone. During the Spring, Summer, and Fall you can travel from the North Entrance to the Northeast Entrance and east on US 212. In late Fall US 212 closes to eastern vehicle travel due to snow and ice. US 212 is not maintained for vehicle travel in winter and will not open until late spring when it is plowed open. During the winter the road from the North Entrance to the Northeast Entrance is plowed and maintained for winter vehicle travel. In the winter, you can travel from the North Entrance to Mammoth Hot Springs, from Mammoth to the Tower / Roosevelt Junction and from the Junction through Lamar Valley to the Northeast Entrance at Silver Gate, and Cooke City, Montana.

The North Entrance is open year round, the other four (4) entrances: East, Northeast, South and West are open seasonally. The West Entrance is the first seasonal entrance to open in spring, usually the third (3rd) Friday in April at 8:00 am. The East, Northeast, and South Entrances open a few weeks after the West Entrance (depending on snow removal conditions). You can find the Entrance Opening and Closing Dates listed on the Schedule Page.

Once an Entrance Opens, it is open 24/7 until its Scheduled Closing date.

Please Note: There may be Unscheduled Closing of Entrances due to Weather or other Conditions. Check at the Entrance Station when you enter the park for any unusual conditions or circumstances.

Yellowstone Entrance Image Map

Yellowstone National Park Entrance Map

Yellowstone Entrance GPS Locations

Latitude / Longitude / UTM
Center of the Park
44 36 53.25 (Lat) -110 30 03.93 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4940281 N, 539584 E
North Entrance
45 01 46.39 (Lat) -110 42 31.32 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4986275 N, 522949 E
Old Faithful
44 27 37.31 (Lat) -110 49 41.59 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4923021 N, 513665 E
Northeast Entrance
45 00 12.09 (Lat) -110 00 04.62 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4983809 N, 578510 E
44 58 34.79 (Lat) -110 42 03.37 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4980364 N, 523580 E
South Entrance
44 07 56.97 (Lat) -110 39 52.83 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4886643 N, 526824 E
East Entrance
44 29 18.42 (Lat) -110 00 13.80 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4926609 N, 579209 E
West Entrance
44 39 30.27 (Lat) -111 05 49.87 (Long)
UTM Zone 12: 4945010 N, 492295 E

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Entrance Cities and Gateway Towns
Gardiner, Montana Silver Gate, Montana West Yellowstone, Montana Cooke City, Montana
Livingston, Montana Cody, Wyoming Jackson Hole, Wyoming Yellowstone National Park

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