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Yellowstone National Park Road Information


Yellowstone Road Information
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The only road open in Yellowstone National Park is Highway 89 at Gardiner, Montana through the North Entrance. This road will take you to park Headquarters at Mammoth Hot Springs and from Mammoth Hot Springs to Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana. No other entrance to Yellowstone is open at this time. The East, Northeast, South, and West entrances will open in spring (April and May 2019) to regular vehicle entrance and travel.

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Yellowstone National Park Roads Gardiner, Montana North Entrance Mammoth Hot Springs Indian Creek Campgrounds Tower Fall Campground Slough Creek Campground Pebble Creek Campground Canyon Campground Norris Campground Madison Campground Fishing Bridge RV Campground Bridge Bay Campground Grant Village Campground Lewis Lake Campground South Entrance West Entrance West Entrance Old Faithful Mammoth Campgrounds Bechler Ranger Station Tower Ranger Station Lamar Buffalo Ranch Yellowstone Lake Lewis Lake Shoshone Lake Roosevelt Lodge Cody Wyoming Livingston Montana Silver Gate, Montana Cooke City Montana West Yellowstone Montana

Yellowstone National Park Roads Updated in March 2019

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Roads Open

Yellowstone National Park 2019 Opening Schedule

Yellowstone National Park is our first and grandest national park. Only a part of Yellowstone is open all year. The North Entrance at Gardiner, Montana is Open Year Round. The road from Gardiner to Mammoth Hot Springs and from Mammoth to Silver Gate and Cooke City, Montana is maintained for winter vehicle travel. In winter, vehicles are usually required to have snow tires and may be required to have chains to enter the park. The road though plowed and maintained, will be snow or ice packed in areas. The North Entrance is open 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, but there may be temporary closures due to weather or other conditions. Also of note, you cannot travel east of Cooke City, Montana until late spring when the road east of Cooke City is plowed open for vehicle travel. Please Note: This schedule is subject to change due to weather, fire, or other conditions.

Yellowstone National Park Entrance Opening Schedule
North Entrance Open Year Round
West Entrance Friday 19 April at 8:00 AM
East Entrance Friday 03 May at 8:00 AM
South Entrance Friday 10 May at 8:00 AM
Old Faithful to West Thumb Friday 10 May at 8:00 AM
Canyon to Tower Friday 24 May at 8:00 AM
Beartooth Highway Friday 24 May at 8:00 AM

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Roads Close

Yellowstone National Park 2019 Closing Schedule

This is the latest 2019 Entrance and Road Closing Schedule from the park service. Please Note: This schedule is subject to change due to weather, fire, or other conditions.

Yellowstone Entrance and Road Closure Schedule
North Entrance Open Year Round
Beartooth Pass (depends on weather) Tuesday 08 Oct at 8:00 AM
Canyon Junction to Tower Fall Tuesday 08 Oct at 8:00 AM
East, South, and West Entrances Monday 04 Nov at 8:00 AM

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Road Construction

Yellowstone National Park Road Construction Map

Yellowstone National Park Road Construction NPS Map

~ Road Construction ~

1. Norris to Mammoth (between Roaring Mountain to the Apollinaris Spring area): 2019 season: expect 30-minute delays beginning April 19, 2019 - August 30, 2019 (excluding holiday weekends*). Norris and Indian Creek campgrounds will not be affected by this work.

2. Canyon Village Area: 2019 season: some destinations unavailable as part of the Canyon Overlooks and Trails Restoration Project.

Until August 30: Brink of the Upper Falls Road and Overlook closed to all vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

3. Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond (East Entrance Road): 2019 season (starting May 6th): expect 30 minute delays along the East Entrance Road between Fishing Bridge and Indian Pond (excluding holiday weekends*).

Holiday Weekends: *Holidays include Memorial Day (last Monday of May), Independence Day (July 4th), and Labor Day (first Monday of September) weekends.

Gardiner Bridge Project Information Gardiner Bridge Project Information

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Road Information

Yellowstone National Park 2019 Road Information

Yellowstone National Park Road Map Gardiner, Montana North Entrance Mammoth Hot Springs Roosevelt and Tower Area Silver Gate Montana Canyon Area Norris Area Madison Area West Entrance Old Faithful Area West Thumb Area Grant Area South Entrance Fishing Bridge Area Northeast Entrance East Entrance

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Yellowstone National Park is a large park at 2.2+ million acres and 251 miles of roads. At this point in time (2018), the roads are the best they have been for a very long time. There has been a lot of new construction and the park service has tried to do overlays on the other areas that were in bad need of repair.

All of Yellowstone roads are two lanes. There is limited space for pulling off the roads, and limited passing zones. There are a few roads with shoulders for bike riders. There are roadside pullouts for viewing areas, or wildlife, or for parking for hikes. Slower traffic is strongly encouraged to be courteous and think of other drivers and visitors and to utilize pullouts.

There are several areas where there are steep grades and winding narrow roads. These areas are: Sylvan Pass (8,530 feet / 2,600 meters), Craig Pass / Continental Divide (8,391 feet / 2558 meters), Mammoth Hot Springs to Gardiner, Montana (6,239 feet / 1,902 meters). The road from Mammoth Hot Springs to Gardiner is narrow with some fairly sharp turns, it is best to use low gears as your brakes will heat up. Some visitors who arrived in Gardiner wanted to find a garage to look at their brakes as they were hardly working by the time they got to Gardiner. All that was needed was time to allow their brakes to cool as they had overheated from usage on the drive down.

If you look at the above park map, you will note that the park roads are roughly in a figure eight, with an Upper Loop, a Lower Loop, and a Grand Loop. The total road mileage in the park is 251 miles, the Upper Loop is 70 miles around, the Lower Loop is 96 miles around, and the Grand Loop is 142 miles around. The park top speed limit is 45 miles per hour, with many areas with lower speeds. The speed limit is strictly enforced, you will not want to get a ticket while on vacation and most animal deaths in the park involve vehicle accidents. Be careful and enjoy your time in Yellowstone.

During the main tourist season (mid Jun - mid Sep) the roads are crowded. There will be times that wildlife will be on the road, they have the right of way. There will also be what is known as buffalo jams, elk jams, bear jams and wolf jams. You cannot stop and park your vehicle in the middle of the road to take pictures or watch. You have to pull completely off the roadway so you are not blocking traffic. Utilize pullouts, parking areas, and/or road shoulders if available.

It is hoped that this information will be helpful in planning your trip and time in Yellowstone. Be careful, have fun and enjoy the beauty, magic, and wonders of Yellowstone!

Yellowstone National Park Milage
  Canyon Grant Lake Mammoth Old Faithful Roosevelt
Canyon -- 40 17 33 42 19
Grant 40 -- 24 73 19 59
Lake 17 24 -- 49 38 36
Mammoth 33 73 49 -- 51 18
Old Faithful 42 19 38 51 -- 61
Roosevelt 19 59 36 18 61 --

Milage Chart from Gardiner, Montana

Yellowstone National Park's North Entrance

North Entrance at Gardiner, Montana Less than a mile
Mammoth Hot Springs 5 miles
Tower 23 miles
Norris Geyser Basin 26 miles
Canyon 38 miles
Madison 40 miles
Northeast Entrance 52 miles
Silver Gate, Montana 53 miles
West Entrance 54 miles
West Yellowstone, Montana 54 miles
Yellowstone Lake 54 miles
Old Faithful 56 miles
Cooke City, Montana 56 miles
West Thumb 73 miles
East Entrance 81 miles
South Entrance 95 miles
Cody, Wyoming 134 miles
Jackson Hole, Wyoming 160 miles

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