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Yellowstone National Park Weather

Most of Yellowstone National Park is above 7,500 feet / 2,275 meters and at northern latitude. High altitude and northern latitude mean cooler temperatures most of the year, but especially in the evenings and mornings. There have been some years when Yellowstone National Park residents have seen it snow every month. You can expect it to be warmer in the summer with temperatures in the high 70s Fahrenheit / 25° Celsius but be prepared for passing storms that could drop 2 inches of snow. The nights may drop close to freezing (32° Fahrenheit / 0° Celsius), even in the summer. So come prepared for cold evenings and mornings, especially if you are camping or hiking. When you leave your campsite, prepare it for possible thundershowers and wind. Be aware that without adequate clothing and gear, an easy day hike or boat trip can turn into a battle for survival. Exposure to wind, rain, or cold can result in hypothermia so be prepared!


Yellowstone Weather Information
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Yellowstone Daily Winter Weather Reports
Winter Weather Reports

Spring Weather

Spring Flower

Yellowstone Spring Weather

It's not uncommon for April and May to be cold and snowy. Average daytime readings fall in the 40s to 50s F / 5 - 15° C, reaching the 60s and 70s F / 15 - 25° C by late May and June. Overnight temperatures fall below freezing and may plunge near 0° F / -20° C. Be prepared for sudden changes in the weather; unpredictability, more than anything else, characterizes Yellowstone's weather. Storms in late May and early June may result in significant accumulations of snow.

We recommend that you bring a warm jacket and rain gear. Spring visitors should be prepared for any type of weather. Call ahead for currant weather conditions and road information since sudden storms may result in cold temperatures, snow and/or temporary road closures. Carry extra clothing when hiking. Good walking shoes and layers of clothing are recommended throughout the year.

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Summer Weather

Summer Butterfly

Yellowstone Summer Weather

Average maximum summer temperatures are usually in the 70s F / 25° C and occasionally in the 80s F / 30° C in the lower elevations. Temperatures may drop into the 30s and 40s F / 0 - 10° C. Depending on the elevation, temperatures may even fall into the 20s F / -5° C with a light freeze making the nights cool so if you are camping be prepared. June can be cool and rainy; July and August tend to be somewhat drier, although afternoon thundershowers and lightning storms are common. During lightning storms get off water or beaches and stay away from ridges, exposed places, and isolated trees.

We recommend that you bring a warm jacket and rain gear even in the summer. Sudden storms may result bringing in cold temperatures, snow and/or temporary road closures. Stop at visitor centers or ranger stations for weather forecasts. Always carry extra clothing when hiking. Good walking shoes and layers of clothing are recommended throughout the year.

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Fall Weather

Fall Maple Leaf

Yellowstone Fall Weather

Fall weather can be pleasant, although temperatures average 10° to 20° lower than summer readings -- highs in the 40s to 60s F / 5 - 20° C. Overnight temperatures can fall into the teens and single digits / -10° to -20° C. Snowstorms increase in frequency and intensity as the weeks go by.

Sudden storms can cause a drop in temperature or result in precipitation. Always carry extra clothing when hiking. Good walking shoes and layers of clothing are recommended throughout the year. If you plan to visit Yellowstone during spring or fall, call ahead for current weather and road information since sudden storms may result in cold temperatures, snow and/or temporary road closures.

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Winter Weather

Winter Snowflake

Yellowstone Winter Weather

Winter temperatures often hover near 0° F / -20° C throughout the day but may reach highs in the 20s F / -5° C. Subzero overnight temperatures are common. Occasionally, warm "chinook" winds will push daytime temperatures into the 40s F / 5 - 10° C, causing significant melting of snowpack--especially at lower elevations. Yellowstone also typically experiences periods of bitterly cold weather. The lowest temperature recorded in Yellowstone was -66° F / -54° C near West Yellowstone on 09 Feb 1933. Annual snowfall averages near 150 inches / 380 cm in most of the park. At higher elevations, 200-400 inches / 5 - 10 meters of snowfall have been recorded. Remember that when the temperature has been -54° F and goes up to -20° F, it may feel a lot warmer, but it is still -20° F and extreme exercise without adequate covering can cause damage to your body.

Snowmobilers and skiers should always check on temperatures and wind chill forecasts; subzero weather can make travel dangerous even with proper gear. Always carry extra clothing when hiking, skiing, or snowmobiling. Take advantage of the warming huts (heated shelters) provided in some park areas. Layers of clothing and warm boots are a must as well as gloves or mittens to protect your hands and fingers. Don't forget to cover your face as frostbite can result. Cross-country skis or snowshoes are a 'must' in winter if you plan to go beyond the main roads and boardwalks.

Please see the Yellowstone Daily Winter Weather Reports for archived winter weather information.

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Yellowstone Weather Statistics

Yellowstone's Average Temperatures and Precipitation
Weather Data - 48 Year Average Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Average Maximum Temperature (F) 28.6 34.0 39.6 49.4 60.4 70.0 79.6 78.3 67.8 55.7 38.7 30.5 52.8
Average Minimum Temperature (F) 9.6 13.0 17.2 26.0 34.3 41.2 46.7 45.3 37.0 29.4 19.2 11.8 27.6
Average Precipitation (Inches) 1.1 0.75 1.1 1.2 2.0 2.0 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.0 1.0 1.0 15.4
Average Total Snow Fall (Inches) 14.5 10.4 13.1 5.9 1.5 0.1 0.0 0.0 0.5 3.7 9.0 13.5 72.1

Data provided by the Western Regional Climate Center and is public information and is not copyrighted
All Temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit ~ All Snow Depths are in Inches
* Weather Data is a 48 Year Average

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Yellowstone Weather History Links

Yellowstone Weather History Links
Cooke City South Entrance
Gardiner Tower Falls
Lamar Ranger Station West Yellowstone
Northeast Entrance Yellowstone
Old Faithful Yellowstone Lake

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Yellowstone National Park WebCams - Live Weather
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Yellowstone Weather Forecasts

Yellowstone National Park Area Forecasts
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Grand Geyser Norris
Gray Peak Old Faithful
Lamar Valley Thorofare
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Yellowstone Weather Stations
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Lewis Lake Divide
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Yellowstone Daily Winter Weather Reports
Winter Weather Reports

Yellowstone National Park Radar and Satellite Reports
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Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Snotel Weather Stations
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Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Snowpack Information
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Yellowstone Hazardous Weather Reports

Hazardous Weather Reports
Riverton, Wyoming Billings, Montana

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Yellowstone Area Highway WebCams

Yellowstone Area Highway WebCams
Alpine Junction Hwy 89 (South) Monida Pass I-15 ((North)
Bozeman Pass I-90 (North) Osborne Bridge Hwy 20 (West)
Henry's Lake North Hwy 20 (West) Raynolds Pass MT 87 (North or West)
Henry's Lake South Hwy 20 (West) Teton Pass WY 22 (South)

(North) = Closest Entrance to Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone National Park Area Forecasts
Idaho Utah
Montana Wyoming

National Weather Service Website Link
National Weather Service ~ U.S. Weather

Yellowstone National Park River Flow Links

Yellowstone National Park River Flow Links
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Gardiner River at Boiling Spring Tantalus Creek
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