Time to catch up on spring in Yellowstone!

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Posted by Granite Head ( on 18:06:29 06/30/21

I was fortunate to be able to get down to the park pretty regularly following the last, early March, photo I posted in my "winter" series.

I was very excited that in February of 2021, for the first time, I was able to get quite a few acceptable, and interesting photos of wolves, specifically, the Wapiti Lake pack, during their stay in the Northern Range. I really thought I'd achieved a lifetime goal, and that I'd never have another chance like it. I was wrong. On my next day trip on March 27, as I rounded the curves in the road and approached Elk Creek, I realized there was a pretty good sized bunch of onlookers lined up along the road across from the spur that goes to Petrified Tree. I called out to one of the photographers, and was stunned to discover the Wapitis were again in photo range, working on a bison carcass this time. Somehow, I managed to find a good, safe and legal place to park in one of the pullouts just up the road. I squeezed myself and my tripod between a couple of other photographers, whose optics were pointed at this.

An injured bison had been moving slowly along the road, creating a hazard for cars and itself, so rangers hazed it off the road. Evidently it made it up the hill, then collapsed, either of its own accord, or with the help of wolves. In any case, by morning it was dead, making a generous meal for wolves, coyotes, a fox, an eagle, and all the usual attendant ravens and magpies.

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